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Elof Lindälvs gata 13, SE-414 58 Göteborg

For Correspondence by mail:
Fujirebio Diagnostics AB
PO Box 121 32
SE-402 42 Göteborg

phone: +46 31 857030

Deliveries should be sent to:
Fujirebio Diagnostics AB
Elof Lindälvs gata 13
SE-414 58 Göteborg

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Monday to Friday
September-April 08.00-16.40
May-August 08.00-16.00

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Normally we will ship every Tuesday, you find your shipping date on the order acknowledgement. During summer holiday and Christmas the shipping dates may be different.

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More than 50 years of pioneering expertise in IVD


We are a global leader in the field of high quality in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing. We have more than 50 years’ accumulated experience in the conception, development, production and worldwide commercialization of robust IVD products. Our IVD product lines span the range from specialized manual and automated testing to fully automated routine clinical laboratory testing solutions.


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