Frequently Asked Questions


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Quality-related questions

Where can I find Certificate of Analysis for Fujirebio Europe products?

Where can I find quality system certificates of Fujirebio Europe and its affiliates for the development, production and sales for in-vitro medical devices?

You can find our main quality system certificates here. For further questions please contact our international customer support department.

I am a Fujirebio Europe customer and I would like to file a complaint; what should I do?

Where can I find Safety Data Sheets for Fujirebio Europe products?

Technical support questions

How can I find the Package Insert / Instructions For Use for my Fujirebio Europe product? And can I find it in other languages than English?

These documents are available for download here. You need a “keycode” in order to access the appropriate document; please contact your local customer support if you need further help.

I have a technical question about a Fujirebio Europe product; who should I contact and how?

Please contact your local customer support; you will find their contact information here.

I have a Fujirebio Europe instrument that needs servicing; who should I contact and how?

I am concerned about the shipping and storage conditions for a Fujirebio Europe product (for instance storage temperature); who do I contact and how?

Pricing and ordering-related questions

Who is your local representative in my country for Fujirebio Europe products?

Please find your local Fujirebio Europe representative in this list.

I would like to request about the price for one or more Fujirebio Europe products; who should I contact and how?

Where can I find a catalogue of Fujirebio Europe products available in my country?

A list of our main products is available here for information only; for local listings of actually available products in your country please contact your local Fujirebio Europe representative.

I would like to place an order for one or more Fujirebio Europe products; how and where do I do that?

Please follow this link to locate the most suitable local Fujirebio represetative.

I have filed an order for one or more Fujirebio Europe products; who should I contact to find out whether the order has been handled, when you will deliver my products etc.?

Please follow this link to locate the most suitable local Fujirebio represetative.

Partnership-related questions

I would like to distribute Fujirebio Europe products in one or more countries; who should I contact and how?

I would like to become a Fujirebio Europe vendor / supplier; who should I contact and how?

General questions about Fujirebio

Where and when could I have the opportunity to meet a Fujirebio Europe representative at a conference or tradeshow near me?

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