INNO-BIA AlzBio3 (96T)

Choose high performance and ease of use. This multiparameter immunoassay allows the simultaneous quantification of Aß1-42, total tau, and P-tau181P in CSF using xMAP® technology*.

* xMAP is a registered trademark of Luminex Corp.

Art. no. 80584 (96T - RUO) - Please contact your local Fujirebio representative for the availability of this product in your country.

Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly bead-based immunoassay
  • High performance:
    • Low intra- and inter-assay variation even at low concentrations
    • High reproducibility
    • Broad dynamic range
  • Ease of use:
    • Only one test procedure
    • Six ready-to-use (multiparametric) standards
    • Inclusion of 2 run-validation control samples
    • Limited number of handling steps
    • Reduced hands-on time
    • Sample: undiluted (75 µL) per well. Duplicate testing is strongly recommended and requires 2 x 75 µL CSF


A license regarding Amyloid beta antibodies contained in this product under patents US 570349 and EP 0683234 has been obtained from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Furthermore, a license for the use of Amyloid beta monoclonal antibodies contained in this product under patents US 5,593,846A, US 5,766,846A, US 5,837,672A, US 6,284,221B1, US 6,610,493B1, US 5,441,870A, US 5,721,130A, US 5,605,811A and US 6,114,133A has been obtained from Eli Lilly and Company.


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