INNO-LiPA® HPV Genotyping Extra II (20T)

  • Individual identification of 32 genotypes

  • One genotype = one probe line

  • Ready-to-use mastermix

  • Automation

  • Primer mix for RT-PCR application

Art. no.: 81534 (20T - CE) - Please contact your local Fujirebio representative for the availability of this product in your country.


Features and benefits


  • Individually detect 32 HPV genotypes.
  • SPF10 Plus provides high test sensitivity due to the precision of the short 65-base pair PCR product.
  • SPF10 Plus permits simultaneous detection of multiple genotypes in a single sample.


  • Special HPV control lines to confirm and detect the presence of a broad range of mucosal HPV genotypes plus additional controls to monitor sample processing (hDNA line, conjugate control line).


  • Easy and ready-to-use master mix, with Taq DNA polymerase provided for minimum manipulation steps and hands-on time.


  • Publications demonstrate performance on cervical scrapes and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) material.
  • High flexibility in testing algorithm with HPV Primer Mix SPF10 Plus RUO Real-Time PCR application.


  • Auto-LiPA™ 48: up to 48 tests per run from hybridization to color development.
  • AutoBlot 3000H: up to 20 tests per run from hybridization to color development.
  • Results within +/- 3 hours.
  • Minimum hands-on time, accurate results.
  • Interpretation software for complete traceability.

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